Week 1: Phishing

Zobango tries to trap Rahul in his sinister plan. Is he successful?

Week 2: Social Engineering

How did Zobango find out Rahul's email id? Was Teja involved?

Week 3: Voice Cloning

AI comes to the rescue. Check out what happens in this sequel!

Week 4: Cybercrime Impact

Dr. Trivedi is implicated in a messy case of ransomware attack!

Cybercrime Impact
Week 5: Privilege Access

The real culprit was in the hiding. Skeletons in the closet?

Social Engineering
Week 6: Dangers of Gaming

The plot thickens in the climax, as cybercrime has many layers!

Illegal money transfer
Week 7: Passwords

Bakshi takes up his latest case of the missing money

Phishing Awareness
Week 8: Brute Force!

Sujit has his suspicions on someone else. Who's that?

Week 9: Phishing SMS

What really happened on that fateful day provides more clues

Week 10: MFA

Enter the world of Multi-Factor Authentication. Cautious enough?

MFA and Passwords
Week 11: Personal Devices

You can never imagine what really happened here, or can you?

Business Email Compromise
Week 12: Business Email

Rocky is a highly skilled cricket player. He played his best game.

Third Party Risk
Week 13: Third Party Risk

Cream11's office is abuzz with a lot of activity, but is it good?

Online Scam
Week 14: Threat Vector X

Tanishka, the travel influencer is being fielded by someone!

Phishing Simulation
Week 15: Social Engineers

Vacation is the time for luxuries. But where is it?

Week 16: Spoofing!

Learn how it all happened, and what was the final outcome

Cybercrime Emotion
Week 17: Inside Out (Sad)

Can a cybercriminal scam you when you are feeling sad?

Cyber Psychology
Week 18: Happy Emotion

When you're happy and you know it, you get scammed?

Fear Factor
Week 19: The Fear Factor

Fear is the most commonly used emotion by cybercriminals!

Social Media
Week 20: Angry Emotion

Bunty is angry with his colleague. He takes it on to social media!

Week 21: It's Disgusting!

Ever thought your disgust can get you in trouble?

Week 22: Obedience

Authority scams are all over the place. Why do they work?

Impact of Cybercrime
Week 23: Gallon Supply

Dr. So has sinister plans to attack this oil distribution company

Week 24: Is it Malware?

X-Flaw is a vulnerability expert and can wreak havoc!

Week 25: The Bad Code

Junior is a wizard with RUST programming language

Data Privacy
Week 26: It's all in the Data

Data Dan has his eyes set on critical data. What next?

Social Media
Week 27: It's all connected!

ChatterLy casts her web of lies & deceit via social media.