About Us

SyberNow – Solving Employee Engagement

SyberNow prioritizes employee engagement by providing engaging and entertaining Security Awareness Training programs. Our mission is to reduce your human risk by boosting your security culture.

Join us to discover a fresh perspective on cybersecurity training at SyberNow. We delve beyond basic awareness, exploring the complexities of human behavior and psychology.

SyberNow – leading Human Risk Management in Cybersecurity

Firstly, we manage human risk through our comprehensive Security Awareness Training tools and services. We empower individuals to become the strongest defense against cyber threats.

Through mindfulness and self-awareness, individuals can safeguard themselves, their families, and strengthen the cybersecurity of the entire organization.

Meet our Founder and CEO – Pooja Shimpi

Employee engagement by Pooja Shimpi

Pooja Shimpi, with over fourteen years of experience in Cyber Security, is a globally recognized cybersecurity expert. Throughout her career, she has promoted cybersecurity awareness and addressed the human risk factor.

Having interacted with top-level executives across various organizations, Pooja identified the urgent need for engaging cybersecurity training content. Motivated by this challenge, she embarked on a journey to develop a solution that connects with individuals on an emotional level.

Together with her creative team, she pursues the mission to “Make every human on Earth the strongest defense against cybercrime.”

Why Choose SyberNow?

At SyberNow, we believe that good cybersecurity training for employees should be tailored to individuals, ensuring an optimal user experience. Our innovative approach to human risk management in cybersecurity training sets us apart, making SyberNow the preferred choice for organizations seeking to enhance their security posture.

We are thrilled with the positive feedback from our end users. In fact, some clients have compared us to the “Netflix of the security awareness training world!”

We offer exciting features in our innovative cybersecurity awareness program. Follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, and X platform for creative cybersecurity awareness content to improve employee engagement.

We offer exciting features for innovative cybersecurity awareness program.

Please follow us on Linkedin, YouTube, and X platform for creative cybersecurity awareness content to improve employee engagement.

The top-rated security awareness and phishing training platform

We design our cybersecurity training for individuals, focusing on user experience and admin functionality.


User First

We deliver story-based training inspired by real cybercrime incidents. Employees find it intriguing, capturing their attention for extended periods.

User Experience

Using game mechanics, we make cybersecurity training fun and engaging. Employees request more training to boost their leaderboard positions.

Continuous Training

We provide frequent training sessions, including short bites. These regular nudges are key in developing a strong security culture.