About Us

We prioritize employee engagement and the management of human risk in our Security Awareness Training program.

Join us to discover a fresh perspective on cybersecurity training at SyberNow. We’re dedicated to exploring beyond basic awareness, probing into the complexities of human behavior and psychology. By prioritizing employee engagement and human risk management in our Security Awareness Training program, we empower individuals to become the strongest defense against cyber threats. Through mindfulness and self-awareness, we equip individuals to safeguard not only themselves and their families but also strengthen the cybersecurity of the entire organization.

Meet our Founder and CEO – Pooja Shimpi

With over fourteen years of experience in the field of Cyber Security, Pooja is an accomplished cybersecurity expert with a global reputation. Throughout her career, Pooja has been dedicated to promoting cyber security awareness and addressing the human risk factor in cybersecurity. Having interacted with top-level executives across various organizations, she has recognized the urgent need for engaging training content in the realm of cybersecurity. Pooja has pondered over the challenge of making cyber security training more compelling and capable of connecting with individuals on an emotional level. Motivated by this problem, she has embarked on a journey to develop a solution that addresses these crucial aspects. She works with an awesome creative team to pursue her mission to “Make every human on Earth the strongest defense against cybercrime.”