Compliance Training

We understand the importance of annual compliance & employee onboarding trainings in cyber security. We create engaging content to cater to this crucial need.

Bye-Bye Boring Compliance

Power Point slides and explainer videos don’t work. Check out our innovative compliance movies that are immersive, and thought-provoking

Choose Your Topics

We provide you complete flexibility to pick and choose the security awareness topics that matter to you, your organization, industry vertical & geography.

Bite Sized & Modular

With an average topic length of 60 seconds, you don’t need to worry about the shortening attention span anymore.

Customized Quiz

We create customized quiz, that covers your compliance and regulatory needs. We cover all bases!

Reporting & Certificates

You get a clear view of progress via the reporting dashboards. Certificates generated at course completion.


Voice Over Language, Content, Text, Context, Subtitles, you name it – we customize it for you!