Security Awareness Training for Employees2024-05-24T19:51:09+00:00

Security Awareness Training for Employees

Protect your company against cyber attacks with SyberNow’s entertaining & impactful phishing training.


Security Awareness is Getting Harder

As cyber threats grow more sophisticated and pervasive, traditional security awareness training falls short. We now have to:
1. Educate the risks and best practices
2. Convince people why it matters
Risks are always evolving and education is necessary, but as the emerging workforce gets more tech savvy, cyber-apathy creeps into the workplace.


Psychological Security Awareness Training

Cyber Psychology is a holistic approach to cybersecurity that acknowledges that simply being aware of cyber risks is not enough; individuals need to be actively engaged and empowered to protect themselves and their digital environments.

A psychologically safe workforce means that employees can:

  • Work with minimal interruption.

  • Understand the role of IT and Security

  • Understand the risks and role they play.

  • Actively participate in security culture.

Entertain, Educate, and Evaluate your team’s cybersecurity knowledge and readiness.

Movie Course Library

Access a wide array of short films covering all aspects of cybersecurity, from basic principles to advanced threat prevention, all created with emotional and psychological engagement techniques to maximize retention.

Drip Content Delivery​

Create anticipation and boost engagement with attractive movie poster thumbnails generating intrigue and heightened interest levels.

Customized Quiz​

With customized quiz tuned to your organization not only captures the relevant score but also help boost the critical analytical thinking of an employee. As the answer results wont be available on google to search for.

Transition from passive awareness to active empowerment with our unique training library.

Compliance Movies

Achieve and maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations through innovative, engaging and information short films that go beyond checking boxes.

Awareness Movies

Uplift your teams cybersecurity awareness through entertaining, psychology driven, emotional content that is inspired by real world cyber-crime.

Short Bites

Sixty seconds burst of information that empower employees to make smart security decision in their daily activities.

Get deeper insights into your progress and effectiveness

User Management

Manage user profiles, track progress and assign courses with ease, enabling you to administer your company’s training program effectively.

Real Time Reporting

Gain solid insights into your team’s training progress and cybersecurity culture with drill down reports that highlight individual risk score and demonstrate compliance.


Seamlessly integrate our training platform with your existing user management or learning management systems making it super easy to manage your learning and development strategy.

Less Work, More Flow.

Spend less time on admin tasks and more time protecting your people with out platform.

Active Directory

Upload users via CSV or one of our several integrations, including Active Directory.

SCORM Training

Course are built on SCORM, featuring videos, quizzes, assessments and certificates, etc.


Our training checks the ISO 27001 compliance box. Based on your needs we customize quickly.

Drip Content

Create anticipation and intrigue and keep your employees engage forever.

Reporting and Analytics

World class reporting with deep insights with innovative key performance indicators

Great Support

We provide excellent support as well as onboarding programs to get you started

Get Started with an Entertaining Demo

Discover the full potential of our Security Awareness Training platform with a customized demonstration. Experience firsthand how our tool can fortify your cybersecurity defenses and empower your employees

  • Easy to Launch

  • Entertaining Training

  • Advance Reporting

  • Psychology Driven Content

Creating a Cyber Safety Culture

Pragmatic Training

Our training is based on real world cyber crime incorporating entertainment rather than fear and uncertainty.

Boost Security Mindset

Not only the employees look forward to the trainings, the customized quiz helps in developing critical thinking.

Continuous Learning

After 12 months of training, employees are 80% less likely to fall prey to cyber attack.

How is SyberNow Security Awareness Training Different?

Watch this video an experience the impact that SyberNow Trainings have from an employees point of view.


Average cost of data breach (IBM)


of successful breaches start with phishing.


Less likely to fall for social engineering attacks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Security Awareness Training?2024-05-19T08:09:18+00:00
Security awareness training is an organization-wide learning program that trains employees about cyber security, social engineering and phishing while creating best practices, good habits, and a security-aware culture.
Why is Security Awareness Training important?2024-05-19T08:09:41+00:00

Over 90% of cyber-attacks include some sort of phishing or social engineering element. Hence, it is proven that reducing the risk of phishing attacks reduces the risk of a breach.

Employees receive phishing emails every day, and while most security tools do a nice job of filtering out most phishing emails, hackers are changing their tactics every day, and some phishing emails ultimately land in an employee’s inbox.

Security Awareness Training helps you to enlighten the employees about such types of attacks by directly focusing on the human factor and creating good security habits.

What topics should be covered with Security Awareness Training?2024-05-19T08:10:08+00:00
Security awareness training topics include phishing, social engineering, ransomware, malware, physical security, and more recent ones such as voice cloning, whaling, etc.
Educating your employees on these security awareness topics will help your company stay secure, reduce human error, avoid data breaches, and build an overall security aware workforce.

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Reduce the Risk of Social Engineering Attacks

Get SyberNow’s Security Awareness Training to reduce risk and create a security-aware culture in your organization.

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