Learning Management System (LMS)

Our LMS is built around efficiency and ease of use, allowing you to quickly enroll users in training or create courses of your own.

Private Secure Learning Platform

Hosted on a market leading cloud platform, your data is safe and secure.

Administrator Access

Through administrator privileges, clients can easily access the platform, manage users and generate reports.

Feature your logo

Incorporating your company logo into the course adds a personalized touch that reinforces your brand identity with the training materials.

Course Reminders

Set reminders to send email notices of assigned courses and overdue courses, minimizing incomplete training.

Managed Services

We manage the entire security awareness program for you, so that you can focus on other key aspects of cybersecurity

User Sync and Integrations

Getting started is lightning fast with our multiple way to sync users and export data.

Mobile Learning App

Access SyberNow security awareness training anytime and anywhere!


Ensures that employees can engage with cybersecurity training even outside of traditional work hours, fitting learning into their schedules more seamlessly.

Real-time Updates and Alerts

Mobile learning app deliver real-time updates and alerts about emerging cybersecurity threats and best practices. Employees can take immediate action to protect themselves and their organization from potential risks.


Gamification elements such as leaderboards, badges, and points systems transform cybersecurity training into an engaging and immersive experience.

Improved Completion Rates

In mobile learning using micro learning, learners complete a training at a higher rate than in traditional methods.

Smart and Systematic Learning

Organizes content into structured modules, ensuring a logical progression of concepts for employees, leading better understanding and retention of key principles.


Learners can progress through training modules at their own pace, accommodating different learning speeds and preferences

Multilingual Translation

Facilitates inclusive learning experiences by ensuring that employees from diverse linguistic backgrounds can access crucial cybersecurity information in their native languages. This feature enhances comprehension, engagement, and adherence to security best practices across global teams.

Training Library

Contains short films, nano films, customized quiz, infographics and many more.

Movie Based Learning

Leveraging the power of storytelling and visual media, movie-based learning captivates learners’ attention, making the training experience memorable and impactful

Episodic Series

Sequential and engaging manner, episodic learning captivates learners’ attention and facilitates better retention and application of knowledge in real-world scenarios

Emotional Content

Can foster empathy and can create memorable learning experience, prompting users to take proactive measures to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber threats

Course Reminders

Incorporating scenario-based questions and real-world examples, help reinforce and encourage critical thinking to better prepare employees against potential threats.


By combining compelling visuals with concise information, infographics empower learners to grasp key cybersecurity principles quickly and effectively, fostering a culture of vigilance

Threat Vectors

Our trainings cover existing and upcoming threat vectors inspired by real world cyber-crime

Reporting Dashboard

Completion status, compliance reports, user engagement, quiz assessment results, due dates – you name it and you will have it!

Take complete control of security awareness trainings in your organizations through our deep drill-down reports at the click of button.

By visualizing key metrics and trends in real-time, these dashboards facilitate proactive identification of potential security risks and enable timely interventions to mitigate them effectively.