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Security Awareness

SyberNow provides entertainment based psychological awareness trainings to create a security-aware culture.

Security Awareness Training

Deliver entertaining, bite-sized training movies that employees love. Boost engagement, ensure compliance, and coach away risky behaviours.


Traditional trainings fail to engage employees, leaving them exposed to real cyberthreats. With SyberNow, your employees would start loving cyber security awareness training, and will adopt secure behaviors.


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Boring trainings no longer work. It’s time for a creative approach & adopt a movie-based learning program.

Cyberattacks are growing rapidly, despite increased security budgets and it’s time to think differently. Boring training programs lead to higher levels of cybercrime impact because employees don’t retain the training when it’s either powerpoint based, definition based or plain explainer videos without any stories & emotions. These trainings fail to connect with your employees.

Traditional Approach

  • Boring, technical definition based trainings.

  • Static & dated content.

  • Explainer videos with creepy non-relatable robotic characters & voices.​

  • Training for compliance-only.​

  • Treating employees like weak-link.

  • Captivating training movies inspired by real cyber crime stories.

  • Entertaining & Emotionally impactful.​

  • Relatable character based 2D Animation.

  • Reduce end user training fatigue.

  • Training to build a strong Security Culture.

  • Dynamic content (new & upcoming threats).

Build a Security-Aware Culture

By training regularly and entertainingly, you not just check the box for compliance but you will build a healthy culture around security that will strengthen your organization for long term.

In-depth Reporting

Conveniently monitor your progress with real-time reporting on completion, quiz results, and risk scoring.

Scheduling & Automation​

With drip-content delivery, engage your employees by creating anticipation (just like streaming platforms).

For compliance trainings, set your own due dates & track progress.

Loved by employees, business leaders & CISOs

Nice way to learn the content. Very happy in doing this training.

A Happy Employee

Cyber Awareness course provides comprehensive guidance on identifying and thwarting online threats. A must for individuals and organizations prioritizing proactive cybersecurity measures.

A Happy CISO

Good Trainings, also include examples of other Cyber security attacks

An Excited Employee