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Cybersecurity Training with Real Crime Movies

Yes, we travel with our movies. Remember the time when you learnt life lessons from your grandma? She was probably the best storytellers of all times. Inspired from her & real-life lessons, we at SyberNow have modernized the art of storytelling in cybersecurity.

Join SyberNow for a unique workshop designed to raise cybersecurity awareness training. Inspired by timeless storytelling, we use animated movies in our cybersecurity training to make it engaging for employees about cyber threats in a memorable and engaging way.

Cybercrime movies

Build a Cyber Safety Culture

With each episodic movie being 2-3 minutes long, be ready to engage your employees like never before. After each movie is a critical thinking session, where employees are encouraged to bring up their viewpoints, openly discuss their opinions, and anticipate what could happen next! Long after they leave this cybersecurity training workshop, they will discuss the characters, their quirky names, the crimes, and their learnings i.e. retention. This is a perfect way to build cyber safety culture.

cybersecurity safety culture

Foster Human Risk Management and Creative Team Bonding

Every individual is unique and brings in their own perspective and talents. Our security training workshop includes a 2 hours group activity, where every employee is encouraged to participate and creating something unique using their hobbies & passion. We provide them creative prompts that not just trigger their excitement, but also, they have fun with cyber security principles. A performance is put up by the group, and are rated according to their creativity, messaging & entertainment provided.

Cybersecurity team bonding
Use Cases for Our Cybersecurity Training:
  • Introduce Cyber Safety principles in a fun & entertaining way to your employees
  • Ideal for organizations with limited budgets for continuous learning
  • Perfect for CXO cyber security awareness training
  • Complements existing compliance-based or onboarding security awareness training
  • Reduce training fatigue and move away from a PPT based boring approach to interactive cybersecurity approach
Workshop Features:
  • 3 series, 11 short movies
  • 100% interactive
  • Cyber Psychology session
  • 2 hours group activity
  • Quiz & Guess the Culprit games
Key Take Aways:
  • Builds a strong Cyber Safety Culture
  • Covers 30+ threat vectors
  • Learning from Real Cyber Crime Stories
  • Enhances Critical Thinking skills
  • Guaranteed 100% Engagement
  • Promotes Team Bonding & Creativity

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