What is Human Risk Management (HRM)?

When you hear “Risk Management,” it might sound like another buzzword in the cybersecurity world. Indeed, the jargon can be overwhelming.

However, most risk management frameworks share a common perspective: they often view employees as the company’s weakest link, assuming that risk management is necessary because the team introduces vulnerabilities.

Despite businesses implementing security awareness training, advanced technical security, and stricter data compliance standards, data breaches are more widespread than ever.

Many businesses overly rely on technical security elements like firewalls and endpoint protection. When technology fails, the human element becomes the first line of defense.

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A New Approach to Risk Management

Firstly, there’s a new approach to risk management where humans behind your organization aren’t seen as the problem. Instead, they’re empowered to detect and report threats, becoming advocates for your security. This approach is known as human risk management, and its revolutionizing cybersecurity.

What is Human Risk Management in Cybersecurity?

Human Risk Management (HRM) is the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with human behavior in the context of an employee’s use of technology. It’s about understanding and anticipating potential threats and preparing for them.

Many organizations deploy security awareness training programs to reduce employee risk. HRM offers a comprehensive solution for transforming humans into a business’s strongest defense against evolving threats.

Since over 80% of breaches are caused by human error it is required for better managing the humans behind your brand. As it is one of the highest-impact ways to enhance your cybersecurity.

HRM calls for a shift in narrative…… instead of viewing employees as the biggest security threat or weakest link, see them as your greatest strength. With the right awareness training and support, they can champion your security.

Why It’s Important for Your Company to Manage Human Cyber Risk

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Mitigates Human Risk and Creates Allies:

  • Adopting a human risk management mindset proactively reduces risks while fostering long-term behavioral changes.
  • When your cybersecurity team provides your employees with engaging, educational security awareness training. Also, rewards them for their progress instead of nagging them, critical cultural changes occur.
  • Hence, Engaging, educational security awareness training and rewarding progress can transform your team into active participants in your security efforts.

Integrates Tools for Unified Security:

For so long we’ve conditioned our cybersecurity team to protect us just by throwing multiple layers of technology at the problem. And can you blame them? When all the new tool and software providers sell their product as the holy grail of solutions?

See, overreliance on multiple, disparate security tools can create silos and gaps. Hence, Human Risk Management allows for the integration and upgrading of solutions, cutting software costs along with improving efficiency.

Leverages Time-Saving Automation:

  • HRM can automate processes such as cybersecurity training for employees.
  • Ensuring that employees receive necessary training promptly, particularly after simulated phishing attempts. This saves time and enhances security.

Empowers with Data:

  • HRM provides the tools to track security awareness training performance.
  • Other critical metrics, proving the ROI of cybersecurity efforts and securing executive buy-in for future initiatives.

How SyberNow simplifies HRM?

It can seem a bit daunting when thinking about launching, managing and measuring a risk management solution. That’s why SyberNow’s Human Risk Management platform uses an automated and simplified approach that makes deployment and admin super easy. Here’s how it works:

  • We add user with simple csv Upload in one click.
  • The security awareness training, compliance trainings can be tailored and customized per the user profile
  • Conduct the survey which is based on cyber psychology aspects & phishing
  • The gamification aspect keeps it fun and non-boring, a totally different approach from traditional security awareness training method.
  • Calculate the holistic human risk score.
  • Human risk is continuously tracked, with insight-rich reporting and human risk scoring. It is required to go deeper to understand into training performance and phishing trends straight from your dashboard.

You may refer the data sheet and our security awareness training details for reference.

Key Elements of a Comprehensive Approach

SyberNow’s LMS Platform provides a comprehensive approach to human risk management, enabling organizations to effectively assess and manage risks associated with employee behavior.

Firstly, as cybersecurity threats are growing so rapidly, managing human behavior remains one of your biggest risks and secondly it also become one of your biggest defenses.

SyberNow’s LMS platform provides a comprehensive approach to human risk management, enabling organizations like yours to effectively assess and manage the risks associated with employee behavior.

It brings together data from across an organization’s security technology stack, allowing security teams to gain a unified view of employee risk and make informed decisions based on data.

SyberNow enables businesses to understand their people’s unique cyber vulnerabilities, and then launch automated training programs that tackle their individual risk areas.

Key elements include:

  • Human Risk Index (HRI) Scoring: Assigns a risk score to each employee, allowing security teams to focus on the riskiest individuals. It also tracks user risk over time and to give your business an insightful overview of how user risk is changing over time.
  • Targeted Employee Training: Provides tailored training recommendations based on individual risk factors. Which help ensuring relevant and efficient use of employee time.
  • Phishing Simulations: Regular, automated phishing simulations monitor user vulnerability. It helps promote continuous improvement through instant follow-up training.
  • Behavior Change Solutions: Go beyond traditional phishing simulations to drive true behavior change.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: SyberNow’s LMS platform offers a centralized view of risky behaviors and quantifies the impact of interventions. By making it easier to demonstrate ROI and secure ongoing support. By demonstrating the effectiveness of your human risk mitigation strategies, you can gather continued support and secure the resources needed to maintain a robust security program!



It’s easy to think that rolling out some security awareness courses and sending a few email bulletins from time to time can fix all of the above. But, as many businesses are finding out, security awareness training alone isn’t enough to truly boost user resilience and drive secure human behavior.

Security awareness training is a core part of Human Risk Management but, by itself, it just doesn’t address enough user-targeted risks – like skipping the training, not paying attention, phishing attacks and adherence to policies.

Regular phishing simulations are automated to help monitor each users’ vulnerability to a range of evolving attack techniques. SyberNow provide True behavior change solutions beyond just phishing simulations.

Shine a Light on Your Organization’s Human Cyber Risk

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Does HRM sound like something worth exploring? Take the first step today and transform your employees into your strongest defense against cyber threats.

Start calculating and understanding your organization’s human cyber risk with SyberNow.

Contact SyberNow for a free trial of the platform or a demo session.



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